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Working to support students with special needs

Theracrew provides teachers, therapists and parents of regular and special education students with resources to design learning experiences to meet their students individualised needs. Students within the same classroom can use different levels of the same KLA resources so that all students are working towards the same outcomes. Theracrew’s resources are modified activities / printable worksheets that allow students to demonstrate their knowledge of a particular concept whilst working in a way that suits their own learning style. Theracrew’s resources provide staff and parents with the flexibility to design or augment their own programs without needing to spend hours creating resources, thus enabling you to have more face to face time with your students.Our resources are specifically designed to meet the learning styles of children with low to high support needs. Theracrew has been used in both regular and special education settings across Australia and Internationally.

Theracrew’s interactive online materials have been specifically designed to take into account difficulties with concentration, following instructions, lack of pencil control, sensory overload, sequencing and planning difficulties as well as avoidance behaviours. Boardmaker Picture Communication Symbols are in every learning activity to help support comprehension. Visual cues are extensively used throughout the entire website to help focus attention to detail and support independence in sequencing skills. Theracrew provides early learning and curriculum activities and worksheets for mainstream students (K-2) or those who are at risk. The learning materials can be used across lower and upper primary for students with moderate to high support need.


Autism and Asperger’s

Theracrew’s interactive materials are designed to be customised to your child’s changing developmental and academic needs. Predictability and routines are supported through the use of visual schedules, which allow extending your child in the things they are good at whilst working on skills that are still developing.  Instructions are provided using multi-sensory cues and video demonstrations of every learning activity.Skills help generalise from the computer to ‘real life’ through printable materials with hands-on activities. Theracrew can assist with transition between pre-school to school and between grades by providing familiar structured work tasks for students to assist with reducing anxiety.
Attention Deficit Disorder / Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Children with ADD / ADHD often find attempting new or challenging things overwhelming. “I can’t do it” or “I hate writing” are frequently heard. The poor confidence often comes from being overloaded by the quantity of information to pay attention to or the number of things required to do at one time. Theracrew’s interactive materials are designed to support motivation, focus attention to details and to grow confidence in early learning and curriculum areas. Learning activities can be sequenced together to support your child’s ability to follow instructions and to complete more complex tasks.
Learning Difficulties
Theracrew’s interactive materials support your child’s independence by breaking tasks and skills into smaller achievable steps. The work is already done for you. Across all of our early learning and curriculum activities the important information to pay attention to is prioritised. This way children can focus their attention where they need to and avoid being distracted by unnecessary details. Theracrew’s materials are designed with a high level of consistency and predictability in format allowing students to quickly comprehend what they need to do. This assists with reducing anxiety and reliance on external support.  Sequencing and planning skills are supported in every part of our website and our interactive materials are designed to be customised to your child’s changing developmental and academic needs.
Developmental Delay
Children with developmental delays often need to work on a variety of skills at one time. Theracrew’s interactive online materials provide support for fine motor, cognitive, attention, language, pre-academic and academic skills. Children are engaged and motivated to sustain attention for longer periods of time due to the structure provided within familiar learning tasks. Skills help generalise from the computer to ‘real life’ through printable materials with familiar hands-on activities such as play dough, drawing and building blocks.