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More choices for helping.

Access new ways to interact with your students and easily organise and share learning materials wherever you go. Theracrew specialised resources are designed to be used to suit the way you teach. Our learning activities can be used on the computer with your interactive whiteboard, on an individual laptop or in the traditional pencil paper format. You decide which way suits your lesson plans and goals based on your needs and available resources.


Easiest way to plan lessons and set homework. 

On the web or on the whiteboard, in front of the whole class or in the comfort of your own home. Whenever suits you. Theracrew provides you with access to over a thousand learning activities across the curriculum and early learning areas and lets you easily set homework for your entire class or develop programs for individual students.



Show everyone was successful learning looks like. 

Theracrew allows expertly designed materials to be shared from school to home to the clinic. Quickly communicate what goals your students are working on by allowing their parents and other staff to observe the skills they are learning within the classroom. A great resource for Casual Teaching staff who can log into a students account and see exactly what they are working on.